Hayfork, California

South of Weaverville on Highway 3 is Hayfork, the largest valley in Trinity County, named so because of the vast hay fields that grew along Hayfork Creek that winds through the valley.  Today there are still a few large working ranches raising hay and cattle and other crops; and Hayfork is arguably the agricultural capital of the county.   The Trinity County Fair is held in Hayfork in August of each year, bringing everyone "home" to catch up with long-time friends and family.  Visitors are often in awe of how "old timey" the fair is with the focus on local agriculture, history, art, dried and canned goods, and local talent.  Hayfork offers several grocery and convenience stores, coffee shops, and cafe's.   It’s an inviting little mountain town, home to about 2,500 residents with independent spirits that are also very community minded.

Entering the Hayfork Valley on Big Creek Road... 

Follow the Hayfork Creek drainage 22 miles to "Trail's End" and you've found the secluded valley of Hyampom.  Known as Trinity's "banana belt"at approx. 1,250 ft elevation; Hyampom has recently been discovered as one of the newest and most remote emerging winemaking regions of California.  The wild Southfork of the Trinity River cuts through the center of the valley, and the backdrop is the impressive Southfork Mountain, the longest contiguous mountain range in the continental US.  Tucked deep in the coastal range, the climate of Hyampom is uniquely mild making the river recreation enjoyable in all seasons whether fishing, swimming, tubing, or camping.  Just remember, you don’t "drive through" Hyampom, you "drive to" Hyampom, it really is at Trail's End… although there are a few seasonal "back roads" that will offer adventurous journeys for the confident explorers.

Mule Bridge in Hyampom has recently been rebuilt through a large community effort.  
Imagine a mule train crossing this swinging bridge over the South Fork of the Trinity!

Just 20 minutes south of Hayfork is where you can find the Trinity Pines Subdivision. The subdivision is made up of approximately 1,200 parcels ranging in size from 1 acre up to 7+ acres- the average lot being about 2 acres. The area offers affordable, smaller parcels that are surrounded by National Forect.  Trinity Pines is heavily forested and has a private road system running throughout, land line phones are avilable, and there is good cell phone reception in most of the area as long as your service provider is Verizon!  A short 10 minute drive from Trinity Pines is where you can enjoy the South Fork of the Trinity River in Forest Glen. It is a popular summer destination for tourists and locals alike!