Reya Bachmann
Reya Bachmann
Reya Bachmann
License #:02204658
Shelter Cove
Humboldt County
Mobile: (707) 382-6216
Reya Bachmann was born in Southern Oregon. With a hunger for adventure, her first move was to Northern California. She has lived up and down the west coast, from Seattle to Santa Barbara, and eventually ended up back in the small town of Shelter Cove California. It is here where she has been for the past 10+ years and has planted her roots, building a small business, and her family.

Whatever Reya sets out to do, she makes it happen. She is honest, hardworking, loyal, and isn't afraid of a challenge. With her volunteer work for animal shelters and schools, as well as fundraisers for the community, she will work with a deep care of the well-being of family, her community, and her clients.