Humboldt County California
It's a land of giants and enchantment featuring the world-famous Redwood National Park, Avenue of the Giants and the Lost Coast, surprising cultural experiences in Victorian towns and seaports. With each step, you will find sights most extraordinary.

Find State Parks where you can drive through a standing Redwood tree (it's THAT big!), enjoy a meandering walk or extensive hike through the towering forests of Redwood trees, hike the Lost Coast Trail along the ocean or looking for agates at Sue-Meg State Park, or spend a day on the Eel river enjoying the inland warmth. Humboldt County has a climate for everyone with a wide range of micro-climates!

The County Seat is Eureka, with a population of about 27,000, where one can experience the Victorian-era architecture along the Humboldt Bay Waterfront in Old Town Eureka. Spend an afternoon shopping, dining, and watching various boats enter and leave the harbor, or book an ocean-fishing charter boat! Fortuna, with a population of about 12,000 is the agriculture center of the county, expanding to the coastline to include Ferndale, one will find expansive green pastures with happy California cows grazing and crops growing in the fertile soil. In Southern Humboldt is Garberville, an eclectic small, independent community that serves as the hub for many smaller outlying communities. To the east, Willow Creek offers warm summers and snowy winters to compliment the coastal climate of the county, offering a variety of recreational activities within easy reach of the larger communities.

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