Kris Deloury
Kris Deloury
Kris Deloury
License #:02207936
Shelter Cove
Humboldt County
Cell: 707-230-1692
Although Kris Deloury was born in Humboldt County, she was raised in Colorado. Her longing for home and the serenity that Southern Humboldt has to offer called her back in 2013. Upon moving back, Kris found herself on the incredibly beautiful Lost Coast in Shelter Cove. She has engrained herself in the community there where she participates in volunteer efforts, community events, and spends her weekend evenings working at the popular local Venezuelan restaurant.
Kris is a highly intuitive person with an optimistic attitude and positive perception. She is very empathetic and has a passion for helping others and a love for all things real estate. Kris is motivated by an altruistic willingness to help and her drive for achievement. With her attention to detail, and clear and effective communication skills, Kris strives to provide a positive experience from start to finish so that her clients are well-informed and happy with their real estate experience.